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About Yina


Yina Menez, a multi-talented person born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the Netherlands, is a true leader who has a love for people and wants to inspire and entertain people with her charisma and enthusiasm also called the entertainer, From a young age Yina's bond with music and dancing was undeniable. Singing became her outlet, allowing her to express her emotions and find solace in the art of writing music. It served as a form of therapy, especially during her teenage years.


Yina's journey in the performing arts started early as she immersed herself in show business dance from the age of 4 to the age of 14. On stage, she found the freedom to be her authentic self despite growing up in a challenging and racially divided neighborhood. The hardships and bullying she endured during her childhood fueled her determination to incorporate her experiences into her music. With an entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in her, Yina ventured in 2010 at the age of 18 to start as a savings expert for companies in the Netherlands. This marked the beginning of a series of ventures such as restaurants, ecommerce, hair salon that eventually led to her owning a multi-million dollar business with a lot employees.

During entrepreneurship, Yina learned a lot about how to set up a successful business. In 2019, Yina entered a dark period of her life. The happiness was gone while Yina had everything, such as several companies that generated enough income, a 200k car and a beautiful new villa that she designed, but she was not fulfilled. However, this was the point that Yina started seeking help for which she was not fulfilled and happy and then ended up with trainer en coach Tony Robbins and started making a big investment in herself of over 100k. This quest enabled her, after a few years of training about a wealthy life and to learn about physiology, emotion, relationship, financial freedom, work/career, time and contribution.

Yina recognized who she really is and what her strength is and what life is all about and that is not only working and money but too mastering your health, relationship, time and so forth. This was a big eye opener for her! After the 2020 global pandemic, Yina gained even more insight in that period and then she decided to take a big new step in her life, a new phase and decided to sell her assets in the Netherlands that kept her connected to 1 location and embarked on a transformative journey to become as a lifestyle entrepreneur to go on living.

Today Yina is living her dream life, filled with adventure, traveling, love for people, discovering other cultures and creating beautiful memories with her 2 young children and her husband. Her experiences have fueled a strong desire to help and motivate others to live their most Extraordinary Lives.

Yina's mission is to inspire individuals to break free from limitations, embrace their authenticity and seize every opportunity for personal growth and happiness and how to be financially independent by building a money machine. Central to Yina's beliefs is the philosophy that 'The secret of living is giving.' As a testament to this belief, Yina and the team dedicate 10% of all their earnings to those in need. Having witnessed both the beauty and challenges of the world, this commitment is fueled by a profound sense of gratitude and responsibility."

With her compelling story, infectious enthusiasm and unwavering determination, Yina Menez serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment. Through her music, words, actions and mentorship, she continues to motivate others to embrace their uniqueness, discover their true selves and pursue a life of happiness and fulfillment. Live your best life!

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