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That's great to hear! We're always open to collaboration opportunities and excited to explore potential partnerships. Please send us an email with details about your proposal, including the nature of the collaboration, your goals, and how you envision working together. Our team will carefully review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible. We appreciate your interest and look forward to the possibility of joining forces to create something extraordinary together. Let's make a positive impact and inspire others on their journey towards an extraordinary life!

Are you passionate about our community and want to spread the extraordinary life movement? Then look at our affiliate page.


You can become a member by going to the community page. click here.

You can always upgrade your subscription, but not downgrade. Send us an email if you want to upgrade.

When you become a member of the community, you will find the channels with the content per topic in discord.

We use discord. There are no costs involved if you become a member.

Thank you for your interest in our Extraordinary Life Community. Yes, we offer a 7-day trial period. During this time, you have the opportunity to thoroughly explore our services and determine if they meet your expectations. This trial period allows you to fully experience the benefits of our platform with no obligations. If you decide to continue after the trial period, we welcome you as a valued user of our community.

You can cancel by going to this page.

No, there are no additional costs. 

Our Extraordinary Life Community is open and welcoming to individuals from all backgrounds and from 18 years and older. We strongly believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity, as it enriches our community and fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Whether you're young or young-at-heart, just starting your personal growth journey or well on your way, you'll find a supportive and inclusive space here. Our community thrives on the connections and collaborations between individuals with varied backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations.

We encourage you to join us and become a part of our diverse community, where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share your unique insights, and be inspired by others. Together, we can create an extraordinary life, embracing our differences and celebrating the richness they bring. Join us today.

Yes, our Extraordinary Life Community is open to individuals from all backgrounds and age groups. We believe in inclusivity and value the diversity of our members. You'll have the opportunity to interact with other members, participate in discussions, and engage in a supportive and collaborative environment. Join us today to connect with like-minded individuals and embark on a transformative journey together. Join us today.

Within our Extraordinary Life Community, we offer comprehensive support and guidance to help you on your personal growth journey. You'll have access to valuable tools, resources, and experts from experienced community members. We provide a supportive network where you can seek advice, share experiences, and receive encouragement. Additionally, our library is filled with a treasure trove of resources, including articles, podcasts, and videos, to further enhance your growth. Rest assured, you'll find the guidance and support you need to unlock your full potential and thrive.

Yes, if you take a 3 months subscription you will receive a $ 10 discount and with an 12 months subscription you will receive a $ 50 discount

You can contact us by emailing or by sending a private message to an admin in the discord when you are a community member

At Extraordinary Life, we have a no-refund policy for subscriptions. This applies to all our subscription plans, including monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships. We believe in the value and benefits our community offers, and our pricing reflects the ongoing support and resources provided. Please carefully consider your subscription choice before committing, as once the payment is processed, no refunds will be issued. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our support team, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed for your convenience. For quarterly and annual subscriptions, it will be renewed unless you cancel within 14 days after the end of the subscription period. However, the monthly subscription offers more flexibility and can be canceled at any time. Please note that if you fail to cancel within the specified timeframe, no refund will be provided. We strive to provide seamless access to our community and resources, ensuring uninterrupted support for your extraordinary journey.

Once you have made payment, we will ensure that you are admitted to the discord community as soon as possible. After payment you can provide us with your Discord ID, order number and email. We will give you access to all channels as soon as possible. If you still do not have access to the discord community after 24 hours, you can send us an email with your Discord ID, order number and email.

Visit this page to know everything about discord 

If your question is not listed, please send us an email


Coaching is a structured process aimed at helping individuals achieve personal or professional goals. Unlike therapy, coaching focuses more on the future and on identifying and overcoming obstacles.
During a coaching session we discuss your goals, identify challenges and develop strategies together to make progress. It is a partnership focused on your growth and success.
The frequency of coaching sessions may vary and is tailored to your needs and goals. In many cases the sessions take place weekly or biweekly.
Between sessions we are available for support via email or other predetermined communication methods. Any questions can be answered during the next session.
The length of a coaching relationship varies depending on the client's goals and needs. Some clients achieve their goals within a few months, while others choose to work together for a longer period of time.
Yes, coaching sessions are strictly confidential. Everything discussed during the sessions will be kept confidential unless there is a risk to your safety or that of others.
In some cases, coaching services can be deducted as business expenses. Consult a tax advisor for specific information regarding your situation.
Check out our coaching page for coaching that is right for you. If you still have questions, please see the frequently asked questions or send us an email.
Your satisfaction is important. If you are dissatisfied, we will discuss this openly and investigate solutions, including possible adjustments to the coaching process.

The cancellation policy requires a 24-hour notice prior to the scheduled coaching session. You can reschedule at no cost up to 24 hours before the session. Unfortunately, within 24 hours, a 30% fee of the session cost will be incurred.

While we encourage open and honest communication, it's important to maintain a respectful and professional environment during coaching sessions. Any discussions or questions that involve discriminatory, offensive, or inappropriate content, especially after a warning, are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, sexist comments. If there is a violation of these guidelines, the coach reserves the right to terminate the 1-on-1 coaching without a refund for the remaining sessions.


A webinar is an online seminar or presentation given via the internet. It allows speakers to share information with a virtual audience, and participants can participate from anywhere with internet access.

To participate in a webinar, you generally must pre-register at registering, you will receive instructions on how to log into the webinar at the scheduled time.

The cost to participate varies depending on the specific webinar. Some webinars are free, while others may charge registration or participation fees.

Yes, many webinars encourage participants to ask questions via a chat function. Some webinars also have a special Q&A session where speakers answer questions.
If you miss the live event, we will try to provide a recording for you to watch later. Check the instructions you receive upon registration.

In most cases you need an internet connection and a device (computer, tablet, smartphone). Some webinars may require specific software or an app for the best experience.

Yes, many webinars can be accessed from mobile devices with the appropriate apps or software. Make sure you follow the instructions.

Yes, many webinars are interactive and encourage participants to ask questions, take polls, and sometimes even participate in small group discussions.
Organizers often appreciate feedback, which can be provided via a post-webinar survey or through available communication channels.


The Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission by promoting our community memberships, coaching and webinars. You will receive a 30% commission on each successful referral.
To join our affiliate program, please register via our affiliate registration page After approval you will receive a unique affiliate link.
Affiliates receive their commissions monthly. Payments are made when an affiliate reaches the $50 commission payout threshold.
Affiliates earn a 30% commission on the total value of community memberships, coaching sessions and webinars resulting from their referrals.
The last click determines the commission. The affiliate whose link was last clicked before the customer makes a purchase receives the commission.
Yes, affiliates must reach a commission payout threshold of $50 before receiving their payments.
No, you are not allowed to use the affiliate link for personal purchases. Any attempt to do so may result in the suspension or termination of your affiliate account.
While we encourage active promotion, affiliates are required to adhere to ethical marketing practices. Any form of spam, misleading advertising or other unethical methods may result in termination of the affiliate partnership.
Partners have access to promotional materials, including banners, links and other resources to assist with effective promotion. In addition, our affiliate support team is available to provide assistance.
Partners can track their referrals and commissions through the affiliate dashboard provided upon registration. The dashboard provides real-time data on clicks, conversions and revenue.


Contributions are crucial because they allow us to make a positive impact and support projects that contribute to the well-being of the community. We reserve 10% of our income for donations.
There are several ways to contribute. If you become a member of our community or purchase one of our services, you are already contributing. We reserve 10% of our income for donations. In addition, you can make one-time or recurring donations via our donation page
Contributions and donations are allocated to projects and initiatives that align with our mission and values. We regularly communicate about the impact of donations.
Yes, on our donation page we often offer donors the opportunity to choose a specific project or goal for their donation.

The tax deductibility of donations may vary depending on the laws and regulations in your region. We often provide receipts that donors can use for tax purposes.

You can make a one-time donation or choose to set up recurring donations.
On our donation page we often provide guidelines for minimum and maximum donation amounts. These vary depending on the specific project or initiative.
regularly share updates via social media and newsletters about the projects and initiatives supported by contributions and donations.

If the fundraising goal is not achieved, we will evaluate the possibility of modifying the project or exploring alternative sources of funding.

Yes, donors can usually cancel their recurring donations by emailing us